Electronics is only a hobby of mine. I have built many random things using Micro controllers and Arduinos. My Youtube will show some of the LED based things I have created, from LED signage, to LED’s I have added to my motorcycle. As of January 2019, I have learned how to draw up and create my own circuit boards from scratch. Check out the sub pages to see some of the signs I have created.

I am currently selling custom signage. You will have to reach out to me via Discord and we can discuss what kind of sign you want and work out pricing from there. Do keep in mind this process does take me a while, up to a month in some cases, so do not expect anything quickly. It all depends on the complexity, number of orders, and availability of materials I need.
-Pricing is based on time and material. 
-Circuit board size is limited to 10 inches by 7 inches. 

A standard 4×6 (100mm x 150mm) or 2×6 (50mm x 150mm) board with case starts at 40$ + 0.07$ per LED. I now have smaller LEDs that allow me to put more text per sign. Below are some examples of designs and the case itself. Cases can be made with tabs on top to either hand in a window or on a wall. If you decide you want 5 boards with the same design on it, the board will be “professionally” made (shown below with the green board) rather than hand etched (shown below with the tan and copper board), and a discount will be applied.

All LEDs signs are made with addressable RGB LEDs, so any color combination and pattern can be made. Click HERE for an example of a simple light pattern. If you want to see more finished projects, Click HERE.